Cleveland County Fair

Wally and I went to the Cleveland County Fair yesterday.  It was beyond disappointing.  We were expecting to go to a county agricultural fair … you know, the ones where there are animals, country food, crafts, etc.

There were maybe a dozen horses in the stables, six or seven different breeds of chickens (The breeds were not labeled!  We had to ask what breed they were.), two pairs of turkeys and the dairy goats.  We screwed up on the dates and ended up on the day that the junior dairy goats were being shown, but after looking at the goats that were there, we decided that we probably were not interested in seeing the open dairy show.

There were no cattle, pigs, rabbits, poultry other than the few breeds of chickens and the turkeys.  The exhibit halls particularly disgusting!  What does Mary Kay, Avon, right-to-lifers, bible thumpers and Directv have to do with an agricultural fair?  There was no shortage of rides and expensive food available, but where was the agriculture?

We won’t go again.

Regarding the dairy goat show:  I had already decided that I would not be pursuing showing my goats.  The goats are shown completely clipped, from nose to tail, including the udder.  That may be okay in the summer (but then again, maybe not), but on a chilly fall day to completely clip the hair off a goat so it could be shown?  Many of them were shivering in their stalls.  There was a lot of young goats there.  I wouldn’t want any of my young goats exposed to all that these goats are exposed to.  And the udders … who knows how long those goats have gone between milkings.  You can bet many of them have gone longer than twelve hours.

Regarding the clipping, the cold weather is a problem now.  Fern is clipped and I can’t wait for her hair to grow back.  But in the summer, their hair provides protection against the sun and insects.  Why clip it off for the sake of the show ring?  Can’t a judge “see” a goat through the hair?  I guess not.

All to win a cheap piece of fabric.

Off to milk my goats …