Starting up the banana bread factory

I’ll be starting up the banana bread factory today.  I really don’t eat much of it, but Wally loves it.  It makes for good gifts too.  I found out on Sunday that my neighbor Red had a heart attack early Saturday morning.  That’s very sad news.  When I’m finished baking the bread, I’ll bring him up a loaf.

As I write this, Petunia the pig is running around in her “pasture” carrying on; she’s looking for breakfast which she’ll get soon.  I don’t know who is enjoying the pig more, me or Wally.  He made me go down with him to feed her milk last night so that I could hear her excited grunts and then greedy slurps as she drank the milk.  I made scalloped potatoes with ham last night and Petunia got all the potato and onion peels as well as the extra sauce from our bowls when we were finished eating.

Think of how much people throw away on a daily basis.  We throw so little away these days.  There’s always some animal that will eat what we’d normally throw away.  Earlier, I was composting my non-meat scraps, but I got lazy about it.  I’m glad we got the pig.  We may have to keep a pig around all year round.  Think of it, you can raise an animal for its meat on things that you’d normally throw away.  Pretty cool, huh?  When Wally and I go to grocery stores these days, we always check out the produce section for a garbage can full of vegetable scraps.  Due to health reasons, the store won’t give you these scraps, but I usually grab the bag from the garbage can and toss it under the shopping cart.  So far, no one has noticed.  Why throw things away when someone else can use them?  It’s so damned stupid.  So much in this world is damned stupid.

I don’t think I’m going to plant lettuce in the back garden.  While we enjoyed the lettuce last year, what’s a salad without good tomatoes and cucumbers?  You can’t get good tomatoes and cucumbers in the winter or early spring.  I believe I’ll plant a ground cover crop in the back garden and when it’s grown up, put Petunia in there to do her thing.  While she’s in that garden, I’ll plant the summer garden with a ground cover crop.  In late winter, I’ll use the back garden for peas.  Those we will use.

Yesterday, I got a call about a job in Charlotte.  It probably would be a good job, but it’s in a section of Charlotte that would be difficult for me to get to.  While part of me says I should go for the interview, the other part of me (likely the stronger part) says don’t go;  wait and see if you can find something more local.  The thought of driving 50 plus miles one way to get to a job makes me ill.  I did it for years and didn’t think anything of it; but now, it makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

October 15 will be the one year anniversary from when I was laid off.  I’ve never, ever been out of work for so long.  The thought of going back to work is scary.  I don’t know what is going to happen.

Off to peel bananas …