The two LGDs meet …

It went okay.  Rose was more aggressive, which was probably a good thing.  Because they are bush hogging the back field, I pulled up the fence and brought the sheep up.  They’ll stay in the duck/chicken pasture (where they have plenty of grass) until tomorrow afternoon when Wally and I will go down and re-set the fence.  I am thrilled to see that they are bush hogging that pasture as it was a mess: weeds over my head!  I asked them to mow it high so there’s still quite a bit of grass for the sheep to eat.

While I was pulling up the fence, I let the sheep out and they immediately went into the adjacent pasture.  Good girl that she is, Liath stayed with them.  After I got the fence up and everything piled into one area out of the way of the mower, I went back up to the house to put the goats up and make sure the gates were securely shut before I came up with the sheep.

The older Barb ewe is still quite lame so I had to stay on the dogs to keep them from pushing too hard.  By the time we get into the pasture that is immediately behind the house, the sheep know where they are going and pick up speed.  As I’ve done before, I kept Fern behind the flock and kept Gel flanked out at their heads to keep the at a slow pace.  I might leave the two Barbs up here for a while and see if they don’t improve.  I don’t think those two Barbs are very going to be right.

Anyway, Rose was charging the fence at Liath who pretty much ignored her.  Unfortunately, Liath made moves towards the ducks so I put her on a line until the ducks are up for the night.   During the day tomorrow, when I’m not around to supervise, I’ll put her back on the line.

Hopefully we’ll be able to sleep tonight.  Wally’s room is closer to where the LGDs are.  Luckily he sleeps heavier than I do.

Until later …