Moving sheep

While I was in Charlotte yesterday afternoon, Wally set the ElectroNet.  We have the process down to a science and it isn’t the rotten task that it used to be.  By the time I got home, he had the fence set and was filling the water barrels.  I let the sheep and Liath out and I tried to move the flock down into the back pasture, but their heads were down grazing away and I didn’t have enough power to move them.  Damn! Where is a Border Collie when you need one? I tried to get Liath to flank around them, but she looked at me like I had lost my mind.

I called Wally on the cell phone and asked him to send my dogs back.  He walked part of the way back through the field and sent Gel and Fern on.  Got the sheep and Liath up in the new enclosure and sat on the tailgate of the truck and watched them graze.  It was extremely pleasant to watch how Liath moved along with the sheep.  It was as if she was one of them.  Very different from how Rose acts: she bounces up and down like she’s on a pogo stick.  Liath floats.  I guess what we are seeing is a year difference in age.  Hopefully by the time Rose is Liath’s age, she’ll be as settled.  Rose is fine where she is with the goats.  I can see that Liath has bonded with the sheep.

All is good.  That’s a wonderful feeling.

Here it is quarter to seven and it’s still dark out.  Agh! And to think that, if I get this job (and I’m thinking I probably won’t get it) I might have to start milking at 4 AM.  Eventually I’ll get a job.  Have you heard the statistics that for every job opening, there are six people after it.  That’s about what is going on with this job.  I know they interviewed at least five other individuals.  Even though I am a good fit for the job, they’ll probably hire someone else …

See what being unemployed for almost a year has done to my confidence?

And it’s still dark out … I should just go back to bed.