I saw a rainbow this morning …

I decided to give Buster his bottle and then walk him down to where the sheep are fenced.  I have wanted to get him down there, if only for the day, and thought today would be a good day to do it.  Gel and Ted the cat came with me; Fern stayed under the car, she’s still a quirky bitch.  Gosh, Buster is getting big and he’s so pretty.  I think we’ll stick with Jersey calves from now on.  If you are going to have animals, you might as well have ones that you enjoy looking at.

As we walked down into the back pasture, with Buster up my butt and Gel up his, I looked up and saw the rainbow.  Of course I didn’t have my camera with me.  Where’s my camera? In its bag in the milk parlor.  Good place for it.

A rainbow: that has to be a good sign for something.

I put Buster in the ElectroNet.  He’s touched it a few times and got shocked.  He wasn’t pleased with being left there.  Hopefully he won’t go through it.  It’s amazing that something as fragile as ElectroNet can keep a cow in.  I know Liath likes cows so she’ll be happy to have his company.

When we walked back up, the rainbow was all but gone.

Petunia is pissed that I walked by her and didn’t bring her something to eat.  I hope we are feeding her enough.  I get the feeling that no matter how much we feed her, she’ll still want more.  She is growing so I guess we are feeding her enough.  I stopped at the tomato field on the way home yesterday and picked her a half a box of rotten tomatoes which she was thrilled to get.  This morning, she’ll get a bucket of whey and some apples.

Until later …