Gel, the working dog

I can’t believe I forgot to mention this!  On Saturday morning I got a call from a woman who bought some rabbits from me several months ago.  She has an Alpine doe and I thought she was calling to arrange to bring her out for breeding, but that wasn’t the case.

It seems she bought some Icelandic ewes and two of them got out and were in a pasture down the way with four horses.  She asked how you caught sheep if you didn’t have a dog.  I asked if they were bucket trained.  She said no at which point I told her that there really wasn’t any way to catch them without a dog and even then, you might not be able to catch them.  I then asked if she wanted us to come out with the dogs and try to catch the sheep.  She was relieved that I offered and said that was what she was going to ask us to do from the beginning but didn’t want to impose.  She lives about an hour from us.

So, we decided that we’d bring her doe home with us so that it wouldn’t be a completely wasted trip if we couldn’t catch the sheep.  We loaded up up the two dogs and headed out.

It turned out catching the ewes was a snap.  We opened the gate and set some panels leading into her driveway and I sent Gel for the sheep.  He did his usual picture perfect out run, lifted the sheep and on they came, through the gate up the driveway and into the barn where the third ewe was.  I think hearing that ewe calling them helped, but Gel worked beautifully.

Once we were done, he acted like he needed more to do, like this really wasn’t enough of a job for him.  I suggested that they put the three back out so Gel could get a little more work, but unfortunately, that was vetoed.  Oh well.

The doe; what a crying shame.  She’s from a nice dairy up in the mountains and extremely well bred.  She had one kid on her who was only nursing one side.  The other was full and hanging very low.  I told the girl that she really needed to keep that side milked out.  She said that with the sheep out, she had been stressed and hadn’t milked the doe for about three days.  We brought her home and I milked her out, but combined with poor udder attachment to begin with, I don’t think the udder is going to improve.  The side that hadn’t been milked out was hanging twice as low as the other.  What waste.  Sebastian has already bred her and I’ll keep her here for three weeks to make sure she doesn’t cycle again.  I’ve milked her several times since she’s been here, but with the baby off her, she’s all but drying up already, but her udder isn’t looking any better.  Hopefully the udder attachment will be better on any doe kids she has.

The girl paid us for catching the sheep and most of it went into the gas tank, but it’s nice to know sometimes Gel can earn some hard cash.  Pretty good giving the economy.

Speaking of the economy, I spoke to the head hunter who sent me on the interview in Charlotte, but she hasn’t heard anything.  In addition, I got a call from a law firm in Hickory.  I sent them my resume some time ago and didn’t hear anything back and assumed my resume had fallen into the dark hole where most resumes are going these days.  They called and seemed very interested in me, but I’m not so sure it’s a job I want.  It’s a legal assistant position working for a partner who does insurance defense.  The salary isn’t so great, but Hickory is about 15 minutes away.  The legal administrator I talked to said he got over 100 resumes, so I guess I feel honored he thought enough of mine to call me back.  We’ll see if I get called in for an interview now.