The bad news is trickling in …

I just found out that I didn’t get the job in Charlotte.  During the interview when asked why I left a particular job I was honest about the reason.  Prior to the interview, I thought long and hard about what I’d say if asked.  Because this company is in the same type of business as the former, it was no surprise they asked.  I’m not going to get into the reason why, but I told the truth and the company I interviewed at looked at this as talking down about my former employer and that turned them off me.

So much for being honest.  Apparently I was the favorite going in.

It’s really just as well.  The commute in to that company would have been hell.  There are some areas of Charlotte that are not too bad to get into, this is not one of them.

Now I am waiting on Wally’s call and I’m afraid that’s going to end up being just more bad news.

I think I’m going to go and start drinking heavily.

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