A lifestyle choice …

I am amazed at the number of people who wrote me privately commending me for not lying at the interview for the firm in Charlotte.  Sure, it likely cost me the job, but I now feel it is likely a good thing.

I have to look at my quality of life.  While I would be making a lot of money working in Charlotte, likely almost twice as much as I’d make at a local firm, what about the loss of quality of life I’d suffer due to the commute.  When I was commuting to Charlotte last year, I didn’t have as much going on at home.  I lived alone, had my dogs, a few sheep and poultry.  Things are very different now.

Wally and I treasure our time together, we truly do.  How many people in whatever form of relationship they are in can truly say that?  It doesn’t matter what we are doing … we still have fun doing it.  I don’t think I’ve laughed as much in my entire life as I have in the almost-nine-months that Wally has been living here.

While most people will not believe it, my relationship with Wally has been non-sexual in nature.  Hard to believe, huh?  I know most people think we were sleeping together all those weekends we spent together before he moved in with me.  Nope.  That thought never once crossed our minds.  We were having too much fun doing things involving the animals to think about sex.  Some people just like to think the worst of others when they really have no idea of what’s really going on.

I think that’s why our relationship is as healthy as it is.  We are partners and that’s how I introduce him to people.  He is my partner.  I have to wonder how many other failed relationships would have survived if they began as ours did.  While sex is important in a relationship, there are a lot of other things that are a lot more important.

When I talked about the Charlotte job to Wally we discussed how helpful that extra money would be, especially now, but the money simply isn’t worth what I’d have to do to earn it.  For the same reason I quit the Wal-Mart job, I’d rather cut corners somewhere else than to suffer in a job for the money.  Wally told me last night that he was as happy about my quitting the Wal-Mart job as I was and I know he’s glad I didn’t get the Charlotte job.  He’s pushing for a local job, even if it doesn’t pay as much and may not be as glamorous as a job in Charlotte would be.

Who needs glamor when you are covered with mud from a pig (as we both were this morning)? Or have to kick goat or cow shit out of your shoes?  Or pick hay seeds out of your hair?  We have a very good life right now and whatever hardships life sends our way, we work our way through it because our relationship has a very solid foundation.  Wally is, and has been for many years now, my best friend.

Luckily, Wally doesn’t mind too much if I go off on him a few times a year.  You know, that hot Yankee temper.

I haven’t said much about my relationship with Wally, but at this point, I feel like it’s okay to clarify a few things.

I have an interview at the local law firm at 2:00 on Thursday.  Heck, the simple fact that I beat out over 100 other people to get in the door is a good thing.

Yesterday, I was pretty edgy and it was amazing to see what that brought out in Gel in his work.  The damned dog was all teeth, he was really ugly.  It was then that I realized how ugly I was.  At that point, I put him up in his crate and used Fern to put the goats up (they got out and I got pissed at that).  Fern worked well.

Because of the stress that I knew that we’d both be under this week, I’ve been cooking a lot of comfort food.  On Sunday, I made a roasted chicken with stuffing, mashed potatoes and butternut squash (which Wally has never eaten before).  On Monday I made Shepherd’s Pie (using ground lamb).  Last night, we had a homemade chicken pot pie (using the leftover roasted chicken).  This morning I cooked Western omelets (Wally didn’t have to leave the house until 8:30 to get to the hospital).  Tonight I plan to make pasta with tomato sauce and ground sausage with homemade garlic bread.  There is a recipe from a bread machine cook book that I really love.  It calls for ricotta cheese (as well as Parmesan and garlic), but I use goat cheese instead of the ricotta.  Sometimes I bake it in the bread machine, but usually I bake it in the oven.  It’s very good.   After tonight, we’ll have to dive into some of the leftovers, however, if we don’t eat them, there are numerous animals around here who would be more than happy to consume them.

Until later …