The waiting game continues.

The interview went well and I think this might be a good job for me.  I do not feel quite as anxious about it as I did with the other one.  I realized this morning that it wasn’t the job itself that I was anxious about but the commute.  I also realized this morning that the commute to the Charlotte job would suck on most days, but around the holidays, it would be intolerable.  South Park is known for its malls and shopping.  Even with the bad economy, there are people who are going to be shopping for the holidays.  I hate holiday traffic!

The commute to the job in Hickory would be a snap.  It seems like a nice office.  The attorney I’d be working with seems nice.  We’ll see …

I’m waiting to hear if Wally’s mother is going to be discharged today or not.  If she is not, we’ll go and visit her; if she is, we’ll wait until the weekend.  I have to go and get venison scraps this morning and maybe I can get some deer apples on my way back.  If we are going to go to see Wally’s mother, I’ll meet Wally in Lincolnton and we’ll drive out together.  I’ll try to leave a bit earlier and swing by Goodwill to see if I can find him some more shirts in the size he’s wearing now.  Most of his clothes are too big for him.  Why buy new if you can find good used clothes?  Most of my clothes came from Goodwill or e-Bay.  I rarely buy new clothing.

The sun is supposed to come out today and I sure hope it does.  This cold cool, dreary weather gets to you after a while.  My allergies are driving me mad.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to get the fence set this afternoon.

The projects this weekend include getting some tin over the chicken house, possibly getting the tin over the smaller shelter in the fenced-in area and we are going to drag up some of the old round hay bales from down below and spread it out around the gate area of the fenced-in area in an attempt to cut down on the mud that’s there.  Hopefully, spreading the hay will not only cut down on the mud, but may re-seed some of it.  Portions of the fenced-in area have been re-seeded by hay that was previously on the ground in the hay feeders (which we took apart to extend out the summer garden).  We also need to repair the fence that the goats tore up earlier this week.  It was not a good fence-job when we did it and as is their nature, the goats found the weakness in the fence and took advantage of it.

Yesterday afternoon, I moved Petunia back to the winter garden.  I didn’t leave her in there long enough previously and she didn’t finish her “work.”  I bought some Australian peas to sow in that garden when she’s through.  She got pissed at the Border Collies who were harassing and ran them off.  It seems they may not make hog dogs after all.

The goats and calf are calling me.  Until later …