Cold! Yes! It’s Cold!

Kathy!  We tied a record set in 1948 today!  It’s 31 degrees at the Charlotte airport.  Does that not make it cold yet?

Luckily it’s going to be close to 80 degrees toward the middle of the week.  I only hope it’s warm enough to hang out Wally’s jeans to dry this afternoon.  This will be the first sunny afternoon we’ve had in 10 days.  No wonder I’ve been feeling so out of it.  This morning, it feels good to have the lap top on my lap.  My office is tore apart due to switching out winter for summer clothes so I haven’t started up the desk top in days.  It’s too cold in there now anyway.

Hopefully I’ll hear something about the local job today.  If not, well then, whatever.  I’ve pretty much resigned myself to being unemployed for a while longer.  There’s no sense in fighting it.

Wally and I have decided to start watching most of our television programs on DVD.  I have a Netflix membership and most of the programs that we like to watch are available on DVD.  The commercials are starting to get beyond ridiculous.  For 20 minutes of television, you watch 15 minutes (or so it seems) of stupid commercials.  I’m bloody sick of commercials advertising drugs that will make you pee more (or less), have a hard-on for four hours, make your hair fall out or make you go blind; not to mention the damned Wal-Mart commercials, get-your-flu-shot-or-you-will-die commercials, bla, bla, bla.  It’s beyond irritating!  I pay almost $60 a month for Directv.  You’d think that would cut down on the commercials you have to watch, but no … What about that stupid balloon boy hoax?  What is wrong with people?  The boy’s father about made me throw up.

Okay, through ranting for a while.

The goal for today is to get out and work Fern a bit on sheep.  Now with the back field cut, I have no excuses.  I’ll see if I can’t take the camera down with me.  I’ve got to get flanks on her and straighten out her outrun.  Then she can become a useful beast like her father.

First it has to warm up!!  I had both Fern and Gel as well as numerous cats in bed with me all night.  It was toasty warm.  The only problem was when I had to get out of bed.  B-r-r-r-r-r-r-r!  Even most of the cats are inside: that’s how you know it’s cold.

Until later …

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  1. Sorry it’s been so cold there, Michelle. We have dipped down to the mid 20’s at night at least once already. What a cold October we’ve had.

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