RIP Dreadlock

Yesterday evening, Wally went down to feed Buster, check the sheep and Liath and found Dreadlock dead.  It’s a shame she died, but it’s no surprise.  I don’t know how to tell how old a sheep is, but I feel sure she was quite old and likely never quite right.  When she had all the excess wool on her (the dreadlocks) she looked fat and sassy, but once we got that off, it was evident how poor she really was.  I’m glad she died on a day that was warm and sunny.

To her credit, Liath didn’t disturb the body.  She’s happy as can be with the cow down there.  That was part of the reason for bringing Buster down there, to placate Liath.  I know she’s doing her job, what she was bred to do, but I feel a bit guilty leaving her down there by herself; but she’s not by herself, is she?

Agh!  It’s a little after 6 AM and I have to get out and milk soon so that I’ll have time to get ready to go to my interview this morning.  I talked to my “foster” mother, Judy, yesterday afternoon about my fears and we decided that it’s more the fear of going back to work.  Imagine being out of work for over a year.  I’ve never been out of work for more than a few months.  It’s going to be a difficult transition.

Maybe it won’t happen yet …

Oh Kathy, I’m so glad it hasn’t got down into the mid-20’s here yet!  The low 30’s are bad enough.  I lost all my outside plants to frost yesterday morning.  Sure, I could have brought them in and covered them, but it’s past Impatient and Boston Fern season.

We milked early last night and it felt good to be in the house at 6:30 knowing that we only had to go out to put up the poultry.  When it starts to get dark early, it’s awfully nice to be able to be in the house (where it’s warm!) relaxing.

I heated up some goat cheese lasagna and the rest of my homemade garlic bread and we had a feast.

Best get the milking done.

Until later …

2 Replies to “RIP Dreadlock”

  1. Good luck on your interview.

    It’s been in the mid 40’s the past few mornings when I got up. The bummer about when it was really cold for us that it was raining at the same time, sometimes snow. Blech in October.

  2. Oh, and sorry to hear about Dreadlock. Even tho we knowing that they are doing poorly, it is still hard to lose them.

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