Interviewing sucks …

It was short and sweet and went well.  Still not so sure about the job.  I’ll worry more about it if I’m offered it.  Right now, I’m on the fence.

I’m exhausted and would like nothing better than to take a nap right now!  I just got back from taking the dogs for a run and visiting with Red and Gail.  You may recall that Red had a heart attack a few weeks ago.  He was out on the tractor bush hogging the front field when Gail went out and made him stop.  I told her that we could fence the sheep and calf out there and they’d eat it down relatively well.  We’ll move them tomorrow evening.  Better to use sheep and a calf to eat the grass, especially when gas is so high.  This is a good thing because the grass in the far back pasture is about gone and we are trying to hold off as long as we can before moving them to the pasture immediately behind the house.

It’s really quite beautiful out right now.  The sun feels wonderful.  While I was out this morning, I stopped at Wal-Mart and bought Petunia a big pumpkin which she is happily rolling around and chewing on.  That will keep her busy for a little while.

I did take a little nap, then got up, fired up the ATV and went down to get the sheep and calf out of the ElectroNet and brought them up to Red’s.  I had Liath on a lead (she runs along beside the ATV very nicely) and brought her up to meet Red’s dogs.  She did pretty well with them.  Her dog aggression seems to be quite toned down, but I’m not trusting her.  Red has two small dogs (one of which thought Liath was brought up as his own personal sex toy) and one bite from Liath and there would be no more little dog.  Liath very appropriately put the horny one in his place and that was that.  I stayed up there and watched for a while to make sure everything was going to be okay with Liath and the two pygmy goats and pot belly pig who now lived in the fenced-in area up by Red’s.  When I was sure all was well, I came back home, hooked up the wagon and headed back down to take down the ElectroNet.

All of the paraphernalia that we keep down there fits nicely into the Monster Wagon.  Unfortunately, however, when you move the ElectroNet that way, it inevitably gets tangled.  Hopefully it won’t be too bad because not much pisses me off more than tangled ElectroNet.  Wally went to visit his mother on his way home from work and as soon as he gets here, we’ll head out and set the fence.  It is wonderful that we are able to use this field as the grass is quite lush and will be easy to mow through.

I’ve been reading a lot of new Blogs recently.  I found this one while searching for more information on Polyface FarmThis post in particular got me thinking about the farming methods practiced at Polyface.  I knew they bought commercial breeds of chickens as chicks, those awful white Cornish Cross chickens who do little more than sit by the feed trough waiting to be fed until it’s time to butcher them.  Granted, they are pastured throughout some of their lives, but still …

Raising heritage breeds of livestock is something to ponder on down the road.  From the Nature’s Harmony Farm Blog I found this wonderful site with very interesting recipes.  Read her first post, it’s quite inspiring.

Earlier today, while I was up visiting with Red, Gail came up on her golf cart and as soon as she saw me, she said that she wished she knew I was up there because she would have brought me a sandwich.  I told her that I had already eaten lunch (a turkey sandwich with cheddar cheese).  I was glad she didn’t bring me a sandwich.  She unwrapped them from plastic wrap (not saran-type wrap, but the type Twinkies and the like are sold in) and gave Red his “sandwich.”  I asked what it was and she said just sausage sandwiches that she gets from Sam’s Club.  She said you just pop them in the microwave and it makes for a quick lunch when you are working.

Yuck!!!  Can you imagine the chemicals contained in these “quick” sandwiches?????  No wonder why Red had a heart attack.

Until later …