A bad dream!

I dreamed last night that I moved.  It was to a beautiful house and half the rent I’m paying now.  The house was right by the ocean, but with little yard space.  I brought the cats and Gel and Fern.  I couldn’t let the cats out and they were pissed!

I thought it was a great deal though, a beautiful house near the ocean for half the rent I was paying here until I realized there were no rabbits (to feed the cats), buckets full of venison (to feed the dogs and cats), canned tomatoes, lamb, goat milk, goat cheese, etc.

Luckily it was just a dream!

When I wrote yesterday about jaw structure of kibble fed dogs, I forgot about the Pottenger cat experiments.  These experiments showed, among other things, that the cats who received processed food, in this instance it was pasteurized milk, had poorly structured jaws and teeth:

Another photograph shows a number of bones from one of the cats, previously healthy, that died four months after being placed on the one-third raw meat and two-thirds pasteurized milk diet. The caption reads, “Note missing teeth, chalky appearance of bone, squaring of the bases of teeth and marked root resorption. Osteoporosis. Lack of completion of orbital arches [the orbit is the eye socket]. Malar bones [the cheek bones] have become separated at suture lines [where the bones come together].”

An X-ray of the jaw of a living cat fed the raw meat-raw milk diet all of its life is presented. The caption reads, “Normal jaw structure, good distribution of trabeculae [part of the bony structure], well developed condyle [a knob at the end of the bone], and well developed pterygoid process [a little outgrowth of bone] of the mandible [jaw bone]. Alveolar crest [the alveolus is the bony socket for the root of a tooth] of normal height; even distribution of teeth.”

The above was taken from the Real Milk website.

Processed food does more damage than most people are aware of.

Until later …

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  1. I agree. Wally is a perfect case in point. He’s gone down two pant sizes since he’s been here. His back and knees used to give him a lot of trouble, but he is doing well now. When he first came here, he couldn’t bend over to tie his shoes. He can now. All of this is due to a diet of virtually no processed food.

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