I’ve spent way too much time doing errands over the past two days.  Now I feel like I’m behind on everything.

My neighbor gave me five blueberry bushes which I got in the ground this afternoon.  I put cages around them to keep the goats, rabbits and chickens from disturbing them.  Hopefully we’ll have some blueberries next year.  Over the past few days, I’ve being doing some planting along the fence line of where the goats stay.  As I plant, I put up two inch square wire so they can’t reach through and chew on what I’ve planted.  I hope next year to have a well-established herb garden along the fence line.  If any of the plants get out of control, I can cut them back and feed them to the goats.

Speaking of fence lines, I’m glad we took the videos of my agility field before we got frost as it killed all of the flowers that were there.  It should be beautiful next year.

I was a bit worried about my new unemployment claim, but my fears have been calmed.  I got a notice in the mail from the Unemployment Commission stating my claim has been accepted and I’m okay for the next 16 weeks, with more to come I guess including the extensions in place.  I still haven’t heard anything from the local law firm.  I don’t know if that’s a good sign or not.

This morning, I had to drive to Statesville to pick up rabbits.  While I was there, I went into the Goodwill store that is near to where I meet my rabbit supplier.  What a wonderful store!!!  I got Wally three more shirts and myself two pairs of sweat pants.  I also found this neat wooden chair that I hope to be able to cut the legs down on to make it into my new milking stool.  It’s a neat little chair and as a back on it which will make milking more comfortable.

On the way home from Statesville, I picked up two buckets of venison scraps and several bags of leaves and acorns.  Yes! Acorns!  Petunia is in Pig Heaven.  I also picked her up three pumpkins.  The poor Border Collies were squeezed into the back of the car between bags of rabbit and leaves, buckets of venison and a wooden chair.  They’ve pretty much been going with me everywhere I go.  Gosh are they in for a rude awakening when I go back to work.

Until later …