Bloody Goats!

I looked out this morning and saw the whole crew of them working like hell to get through the cages that I put around the blueberry plants.  The had succeeded with knocking one of the cages over and chewed most of the leaves off that plant.  I just got back in from putting chicken wire along the field fence which will completely prevent them from sticking their heads through the fence.  Rotten creatures!  And of course, before I went running out there, I forgot about the pot of water I put on to warm up Buster’s bottle and ended up scalding his milk.  Shit!

Of course, it’s my own fault for putting candy in front of them.

Here it is 8:00 and I haven’t done a whole lot of anything, except putting up chicken wire on a fence and scald milk. I should go back to bed and start over.

Once I’m through milking, I have to run to Lincolnton and do a few errands this morning and when Wally gets home, we’ll run out and get more venison.  That will fill my freezer for a while.

Does anyone know what the purpose of Facebook is?  I keep getting invites from people I know (or knew?).  I joined a few of them, but for the most part, I’ve found it to be a total waste of time.  Just another way to waste time on the Internet I suppose.  A while back though, just for kicks, I asked to join the page as a friend of one of the so-called “NC Cliche” and darned she didn’t approve me.  I guess she’s not my friend and I thought she was.  Oh well.  I may have to crawl under my bed for a few weeks because of the rejection.

While some people may view this journal as a waste of time on the Internet, it really isn’t for me.  I have gone back and used the posts I’ve written as a reference for when this or that happened.  It keeps me writing and helps me to keep track of what is going on in my crazy life and to track my progress.

I guess I had better get out and get those Bloody Goats milked.  I wonder if their milk will taste like blueberries this morning.

Until later …

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  1. Facebook…a fast way to keep in touch or to see how/what friends are doing. A few people post pictures of trial sites and winners. On occasion they post informative u-tube flicks, silly stuff, too. One can keep in touch in a shorter amount of time than it took you to scald your milk :0)

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