Look what we brought home from the farmer’s market!

A locally grown pin-head!

Yep, and she seems to be interested in working sheep:





In all seriousness though, yes, she’s got a narrow jaw and head and you should see her teeth!  She’s not even two and they are a mess!  Her breath could kill dragons.

While Wally and I were at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday with Gel and Fern, a man walked up to us and asked how come our dogs were so well behaved.  I told him that I trained them to be that way.  He then asked if we took in dogs for training.  I told him it depended on what the dog was.

This little girl was bought as a present for a boy.  She’s quite well bred, from local lines and as is the case with many Border Collies, as she grew up, she became too much for them to manage.  She was getting into the fence and running the goats, killing chickens and generally getting into trouble.  So, she’s been kept up in a kennel with a bunch of coon dogs   Not a good thing for a Border Collie, especially one bred to work.  When we drove out to get her, she was running wild and an absolute basket case.

Given all she’s been through, I’m surprised she’s been as good as she has been since we brought her home.  I didn’t think I’d have her on sheep for at least a week, but she is quite responsive to us and genuinely wants to please.

While we were out with the sheep, I worked both Gel (on shedding) and Fern.  Here are two videos of Fern:



She’s working quite well.  Gel’s shedding sucks, but we’ll be working on that.  Note Liath bouncing in the ElectroNet in the background of the second video.

Fern’s nose is out of joint with another bitch in the house.  I took her out by herself yesterday afternoon and did some agility with her and when Wally and I went to visit his mother, we took Fern along.  Fern all but comes out of her fur with pride when she trots down the halls of that facility.  She’s pleased as punch with herself when she’s trotting along beside us.

I am not sure what’s going to happen with this young dog.  Her name was Bell, but that’s too close to Gel, so for as long as she’s here, her name is Split.  I am hoping that if I like her, they’ll let me keep her.  I am afraid that once they see her progress, they are going to want her back, but they need to understand that what she’s doing here is only because she’s receiving structure, exercise and training.  They have a farm, but no sheep, just a few goats (who are very hard to move) and cattle.

We’ll see what happens.

Meanwhile, I put about 80 miles on my car doing errands on Saturday.  We went over hill, over dale all day long.  By the time I got home, I was exhausted.  Sunday was a little better.  We got the goats milked, had breakfast, then headed out to set the fence.  While Wally was mowing the area where the sheep had been fenced, I worked Gel and Fern.  Then when Wally could provide back-up, if necessary, for Split, I took her out.  She truly surprised both of us.  I did a lot of running around getting her to change direction and stay back behind the sheep.  Luckily, she’s not in very good shape so she tired pretty quickly.  Hopefully by the time she gets in better shape, I’ll have a bit more control over her.

For a while, she lived in the house and was crated, so she’s adapted well to that.  She wants to be in the house.  I have to watch her with the cats because she’s intensely interested in them and the cats don’t like that.  She’s been bopped by quite a few of them already and that just eggs her on.

I haven’t heard anything about the local job and I am quite certain the news, when I get it, is not going to be good.  I would have expected to hear before the end of last week.  Who knows.

Until later …

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  1. What a face! Her flashy tail in the videos makes me laugh. I’m so used to your dark dogs that it was funny to see all that white. I’m glad she’s settling in well, and I hope that there are no outbreaks of mischief as she starts to feel more comfortable. Good luck with her.

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