Three wet Border Collies

It’s cool and raining, again … and I’m stuck in the house with three wet Border Collies.  All three are in their crates.  I’m sure Gel and Fern are not happy with that arrangement, but for now, that’s where they are staying.  I’ll wait for the rain to let up a bit and then take them for another run off the ATV and feed Buster his second bottle.  The rain is supposed to get heavier as the day progresses so it would be good to get as much done outside as I can.  Given the weather, I doubt we’ll do any sheep work today.

Yesterday morning, I took the dogs out to work sheep.  It didn’t go well.  I fed Buster and then sent Gel in to pull out the sheep.  As soon as I opened the gate to let Gel in, Liath came flying out and headed towards the neighbor’s house.  Please Liath, don’t kill her dogs!  I closed the gate and went in pursuit of Liath.  Livestock guard dogs do not understand the concept of recalls.  You can call their names until you turn blue in the face and they act as if they are deaf.  I don’t think killing was on her mind at all.  She was having a jolly good time.  Thirty minutes later, I got her back up.

Note to self: bring a tie-out, attach it to one of the cinder blocks that hold up the water barrels and tie Liath before you open the fence to let the sheep out.

I was not a happy camper and it may have been better if I just packed up the Border Collies and went on home, but I had Gel push the sheep out of the ElectroNet, then brought Split out.  I should have moved them further away from the ElectroNet, but I didn’t.  Split managed to pull them off the fence, but it wasn’t pretty and the sheep got rattled.  We did some work on recalls off stock, which didn’t go too well.  Then I worked on getting her to at least stop, which went better.  Then the damned sheep headed down the alley made by the ElectroNet and barbed wire fence which is along the road.  Shit!  Split went in hot pursuit.  I managed to call her off, then sent Gel around to bring the sheep back, which he did, but in a sloppy manner.

I then worked Gel on shedding, which went horrible.  Gel does not want to come straight to me.  I’ve had problems getting him to come straight to me in the past.  He doesn’t like to do anything straight or work close to me.  We’d have a horrible time in obedience.  Then Gel let the sheep escape down the alley!  Double shit.

Note to self: the next time I go out to work sheep, park the ATV with the dogs tied to it in front of the alley so the sheep won’t run down it again.

That’s when I decided to put the sheep up and call it a day.  Later in the afternoon, we all went for a long walk which helped my mood.  My allergies are making me miserable … beyond miserable actually.  I’ve heard nothing about the local job so I am assuming I didn’t get it.  I wish they’d let me know one way or the other so I can go on.  I am going to take a bit of a break from job hunting.  This interviewing, the waiting and then the bad news is becoming incredibly demoralizing.

Since then, I’ve done quite a lot of work with Split’s recalls and she’s doing pretty well at it.  She wants to please and she seems to pick up on what I want her to do pretty quickly.

Until later …