It’s Sunday and I’m writing this with a horrible head cold. I haven’t had a cold in quite a while. I was driving to Sanford on Saturday and could feel it coming on. Luckily, it didn’t bother me during my lesson. On the way home, however, I thought I was going to die. I survived, but thought I was going to die today. I still may. I hate colds.

Luckily the dogs have been very easy to deal with. Wally came over and helped me make hay racks for the sheep. Not sure if they are going to work or not. He also delivered another 800 pound bale of hay. The last bale was awful! I threw away more than the darned sheep ate. Hopefully this bale will be consumed as it should be.

The lesson went really, really well. I’ve been trying to get this woman to give me lessons for a long time and we just have not been able to coordinate our schedules. I wish I had started to go to her in the very beginning. Things may have gone a lot differently for Gel and me. She said Gel was a nice dog and should make a good trial dog and that I’ve done a good job training him up. The cool thing is, our whistles are almost exactly alike which will be very helpful during our lessons. She was also very impressed with Fern. It was well worth the three hour ride there and back. I’ll be going back March 1.

My homework is to improve on my whistles and to work Gel with them a lot, particularly in his walk-up whistles. It was cool watching Gel work a flock of 30-40 sheep. He hasn’t work that large a flock before. They were a very nice group for driving practice because Gel had to push them to keep them moving.

More later, I really feel awful.