Looking forward to the day!

Yes, I’m looking forward to the sun rising, the temperatures warming up and getting out with the dogs and yes, training!  Not so sure why all of a sudden I’m interested in working with my dogs, but I am and it’s a good thing.

The goals today are as follows:

Fern: Continue to work on getting flank commands on her.  Damn, with her eye, it’s hard to keep her moving.

Split: Simply to keep her going around the sheep and work on calling her off.  As an experiment, I am not going to put a lie down on this dog at this point in time.  I wish I didn’t do it with Fern and with Split I’m going to see how using a standing stop goes.  I know she will lie down on her own and I’m going to see if that will suffice or if I do need a lie down command.

Gel: Hmmmmm, shedding I guess.  Not liking it, but knowing it is a necessary skill.

Me:  Staying calm and focused.

That’s a tall order.  We’ll see how it goes.

I ordered business cards yesterday for our “farm.”  I don’t know how many times Wally and I have been out and met people who wanted to keep our contact information.  We’d have to write numbers on pieces of paper which I’m sure ended up getting lost.  Business cards will be helpful, especially for next year when we’ll have lambs and kids for sale.  I used this image on the card:

I’m excited about getting them.

Split finally started eating yesterday.  I wasn’t too concerned about her reluctance to eat meat.  As much as she was running, I knew she’d have to break down and eat soon or she’d run out of steam.  She ate some rabbit and lamb.  She’s not going for the venison yet.  She’s going to have to turn on to venison soon as that’s going to be their primary diet for the next few months.

Speaking of meat: I found a local processor who will be willing to process goat and lamb for the dogs for a reasonable price.  He’ll kill, skin and gut and then saw the meat into one pound pieces (including the bone) and package it.  Yea!

Yesterday, I got a huge garbage bag full of vegetables a local supermarket was going to throw out.  I am not supposed to get these vegetables, but if no one is looking, I grab the bag and stuff it under my shopping cart.  If any one notices when I check out I tell them, oh, that must have been on the cart when I picked it up in the parking lot, I’ll throw the bag away on my way out.  Damn!  You should see the stuff they throw away.  Petunia is in Pig Heaven eating it.  For all I gave her this morning, I won’t have to feed her until tomorrow.

Speaking of food in general, I wish I had a quarter for everyone we meet while we are out who exclaim over how good Wally looks and ask them what he’s been doing (I know some of them are thinking I don’t feed him) and all the people at work who see his lunches and ask how he’s loosing weight when he’s eating so good.  It’s very, very simple, we eat virtually no processed food.  Last night I cooked a meatloaf, mashed potatoes and frozen mixed vegetables.  Wally ate a huge plate of his own and finished mine.  He’s eating well.  Tonight we’ll have turkey chili and corn bread (all from scratch).

Guess I had better go and milk the goats.

Until later …