Wheeling and Dealing

Yes, yesterday was a very good day.  I did a bit of wheeling and dealing with my Directv account and then with AT&T and ended up with better packages for less money.  That’s always a good thing.

I got a letter from the local law firm telling me that they decided to hire a legal secretary with corporate background.  That they didn’t think the job would challenge me enough.  That’s a good thing and I’m glad to bring some closure to that potential job.  I really didn’t want it, but if I was offered it, I’d probably be compelled to take it.

It’s 9:15 AM and my milking is done, animals are fed and I started a batch of cheese.  I’ve been making cheese like a fiend while I have the milk to do it.  Cheese is quite dual purpose, I can feed the whey to the pig and use the cheese for our consumption or feed it to the dogs or the pig.  The pig is growing!  The doe that is here for breeding will be going home on Sunday and that will reduce how much milk I get a day by at least a half a gallon.  I am milking Champagne, Addie and Angel only once a day.  Soon I’ll put Billie to once a day as well.  I’m going to try to keep Fern and Fennel going twice a day, but Fennel may have other ideas about that.  Once the doe that is in for breeding leaves, I’ll probably put Buster down to one bottle a day.  He’s three months old now and many calves are weaned at his age.

I was talking to a friend of mine this morning about training and how, sometimes, I wished I had access to an experienced trainer.  I suppose that would make things easier in some respect, then again, to muck through things on your own and be successful does give you a lot of satisfaction.  Anyway, If I’m not going to trial, there’s really no sense in using a trainer.  As long as my dogs can do what I need them to do around here, I think that should make me happy.  I do like to figure things out on my own.

It’s Fern’s eye that is giving me a hard time.  I can’t keep her moving freely.  This morning when I go out to train I’m going to split the group and use a small number of sheep to work Fern.  That seemed to help yesterday.  Ideally, I can take out just a small number of sheep, leaving the rest in the ElectroNet so I won’t have to worry about keeping an eye on them, work Fern first and then take out the entire group to work Split and Gel.

Split was wonderful yesterday.  She spent most of the day off her long line and in the house loose.  She did well.  She’s a delightful little bitch.  She seems to soak up the attention she’s been getting.  Yesterday evening after we finished supper, I saw that the goats had come through the gate and were heading for the milking parlor.  Because I didn’t want them to get into the blueberry bushes, I ran out to put them up, calling Gel as I left.  Both Gel and Split came.  Split got into the mix and really wasn’t helping any, but I didn’t try to catch her.  Rose was with the goats and started jumping on Split who promptly turned around and bit her on the nose.  Rose jumped on her again and Split bit her again.  Gel bites her when she jumps on him.  Fern wilts.  Split seems to have a solid backbone and doesn’t take offense.  That’s a good thing.

I best get going and work the dogs before it gets too hot.  The sheep haven’t been worked much and they are quite sensitive to the heat.

Until later …