Real People

I mentioned that when I took the Puppy Blog down I received numerous e-mails asking where the Blog went. Most were from people I didn’t know, and some, I know were from people I knew, but with fake e-mail addresses.

I found the Blog of one woman who wrote and she had this to say on Saturday:

“When these people drop off the radar, I always feel a peculiar sense of loss, and there have been several occasions in which I was so reluctant to let someone go that I sent e-mails to people I’ve never spoken to. I’ve always felt very ballsy, but I’ve learned that people tend to withdraw from the public eye for very specific reasons and are happy to let interested parties back into the fold.

I did it again today with a woman whose blog I’ve been following for some years, a woman who’s cranky and depressed and hyper-focused–you know, a real person–who I have happened to have learned a lot from over the years but have been too intimidated to initiate a conversation with. I’ve never spoken to her once, and her open blogs have insured that she’s never happened to come across even a user id of mine, but I sent the e-mail letting her know how much I’ve learned, and how much I’ve appreciated what she had to share, and wished her a good journey.”

“Cranky and depressed and hyper-focused,” yep, that’s me, well, maybe not so depressed these days … but what she goes on to say, “you know, a real person,” rings even more true. I am a real person. I don’t play the game to fit in. I play the game I am ethically comfortable with. If that means I cannot fit in with the “good ol’ boys” then so be it. I go home and am happy with myself and my life.

I’m still sick with that bloody cold. I feel better today than I did yesterday, but still not well. When I lived in Massachusetts, I’d get a cold like this once every winter and it would inevitably go into my chest and I’d suffer with a chest cold for weeks or months. I dread that happening so I’m staying home to rest and take it easy one more day.

I took several naps yesterday. During one, I got Fern to curl up next to me, and she stayed still. None of that puppy wiggling that she’s so prone to. Eventually she got too hot so I pushed her out on the ottoman that was next to the couch and she slept the entire time with me. In addition to Fern, I had several cats on the couch with me. They know when you are feeling ill.