Time change.

I love it when the time changes this time of year.  Who would not like an extra hour of sleep?  I particularly love that it’s lighter in the morning.  Getting up in time to milk and get on the road to go to Baa Moo Farm won’t be too hard.  Staying up past 7:00 PM is going to be hard!

We are now down to milking once a day and the milk production will really start to drop.  That’s okay.  I’ve been milking every day now for over a year and I’m about ready to stop.  I’ll milk through the end of November and that will be it until the middle of February.

We have to plan better next year and get pig(s) and calf(ves) when milk is plentiful.  We are having to be creative about feeding Petunia now that I’m not getting milk in the evening.  I wish I had her when it was time to clean the tomato plants out of the garden.  She would have been in her glory.  I have more food than I need for the dogs and cats.  It always seems as though it’s a case of feast or famine.

The geese and Rose are doing their jobs.  While I was writing this, I heard the geese sounding off.  I looked out and saw two buzzards fly into the old pine tree near the poultry pasture.  Rose was bouncing up and down looking at them.  This morning, we gave Rose (and Liath) a full bucketful of scraps and bones.  My freezers are both full!  I don’t think the buzzards will get any of Rose’s meat.

Both Wally and I are filthy.  We re-set the fence yesterday in light rain and then this morning, while taking care of the animals, we got even more dirty.  Yesterday, we got about 25 garbage bags full of sawdust which Wally spread in the goat pasture near the gate to help cut down on the mud.  The goats are out there playing in the sawdust having a wonderful time.  After we got through with the animals, we went out to a local farmer’s house to get pumpkins out of his field.  I went in first and sunk up to my ankles in mud.  Guess the pumpkins will have to wait until it dries off some.  We got two inches of rain yesterday and last night.  We decided to hold off on taking showers and putting on clean clothes until we come in from working the dogs.

We’ve moved the fence twice since they’ve been in front of Red’s house so I have a larger area to work in.  That will be good for Split so I can start to get her wearing and settling down in her work.  All three Border Collies are in crates and I’m sure they are not too happy with that arrangement.  They’ll live.

Until later …