Taking a break …

I’ve decided to take a break from working sheep today and instead get the dogs (all three of them) on the agility field.  I have three loads of laundry (two of which will be hung out on the line to dry) to get done and I’d like to get the house cleaned.  It is going to be a pretty day; it’s going to be sunny all week.  That’s a wonderful thing.  We’ve had a lot of overcast and rainy days lately.

What I could do is to clean a room, then take one of the dogs on the agility field for fifteen minutes or so, then clean another room.  We’ll see how successful I’ll be at that plan.  I’m tired!  Wally and I have been going to bed way too early.  The extra sleep is good, but it feels funny.  There’s a new series coming on tonight at 8:00 that we’d like to see.  I suggested that after we eat dinner, we take a walk and see if that helps.  It’s nice that it’s cool enough to go out for a walk.

When we head out to feed Buster and check the sheep, I’m going to carry my panels and pen down to the front field.  I’ll be able to get them all into the Monster Wagon which is a wonderful thing.  As part of the demo yesterday, we did some penning.  Fern seemed to enjoy that and it was a good exercise in flank commands.

The differences in Split from this Monday to last are nothing short of extraordinary.  As I write this, she’s eying a cat that is under the book case, but she’s right next to me as she does it.  She is still hard to settle in the house, but she’s getting much better at it.  Her teeth are now pearly white and her breath is much better.  She’s slowly putting on weight.  She loves meat.

Last night, I complained to Wally about how Gel behaved.  He kept saying, “well, you haven’t really been training him much, you’ve just been doing regular work, most of which doesn’t involve using whistles.”  Okay, well, he was never very solid on whistles when I was training him.  Just like he was never very solid on weave poles when I was doing agility.

I’m a horrible dog trainer …