Escaped pig!

I need to trust Gel more.  Yesterday afternoon he was “alerting.”  Gel “alerts” by running around the house, looking out windows and looking at me.  Usually this is if someone has come down the driveway, but the other alarms (Rose and the geese) had not gone off so I didn’t think that was the case.  I looked outside anyway and saw nothing.  Gel continued to alert.  Then I looked out and saw the goats running (they were loose in the front pasture) and Rose charging the fence (she was inside the fence).  What the heck?

I went outside to see what was the matter and saw Petunia running with the goats!  Shoot!  I opened the front gate and called her and she came running.  Luckily I had some scraps set aside for her so I lured her into the poultry pasture (much to the displeasure of the geese) and shut the gate.  This morning, she’s happily rooting away and the chickens are very much enjoying having their pasture excavated, but I don’t think she can stay in there.  I pulled the poultry feeders out of the pasture so the only time we really need to go in there is when we let the chickens and ducks out and put them up, but when we go in there, we are open game for a dirty pig snoot.

Rosemoon’s pigs didn’t attack us like that, but I don’t think she was feeding her pigs as much as we’ve been feeding Petunia.  She thinks of humans as food doling machines.  I’d love to leave her in that pasture for a while because I wouldn’t mind if it was worked up a bit, but I don’t know that it will work out.  Maybe if we go in with a load of food when we have to put the chickens and ducks up it would work.  Something to think about.  Then again, I don’t know that she’ll stay in there.

In order to escape from the garden, she pushed one of the panels hard enough to break one of the wires holding the panels together (it was a Michelle Fence Job).  I don’t think she was trying to escape, just rooting hard enough to break the wire.  Now that she’s escaped, however, she’ll probably start to try to escape.

We may not raise another pig next year … and we may only raise one calf.  We really don’t need the pork or beef, but it would be nice to have it.

Gel slept in his crate last night.  I decided it may be a good idea to restrict his liberties a bit for a while to see if that makes a difference in how he works.  I have not been terribly consistent in raising him, heck, I’m not terribly consistent at all.  I wish I could change that about myself.

Off to milk …

2 Replies to “Escaped pig!”

  1. Our pigs are totally pushy—they had already had breakfast the day you were here! I like that they’re so people/food oriented, though—they’re wonderfully easy to catch when they do get out!

    I think consistency is a little overrated!

  2. You are probably right on consistency … but I think I created a monster in Gel. Time to de-monster him.

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