Demo #2 — Attitude Adjustment in Order

Oh, Gel is so in for it next week.  That shit head.  I think he knows I can’t come out on that field and give him hell when he blows off my whistles.  Part of me thinks he may be going deaf, but if he is, it is selective deafness.  I’ve also blamed my whistles and maybe that’s part of the problem, but only a small part.

I have myself to blame.  I have worked him in a sloppy manner and now I’m paying for it.

Splitting the sheep into smaller groups made them much more workable, but they were touchy.  There was a lot of pressure on the field and I’m sure that contributed to Gel’s stubbornness.

Once again, Fern was brilliant and Split did very well.  I used her to bring one group of sheep back up to the top where I was exhausting them.  It will be nice to see her settle down and stop flanking so much.

Off to move the pig back down to the garden.

Until later …