People are so damned narrow minded …

Recently, I have had to have dealings with Rose’s breeder.  She owned Billie’s (one of my Alpine’s) sire and I have yet to get her paperwork as well as Addie’s.  I have been after the woman I bought those two goats from to get the paperwork and have been anxious to find out who Billie’s sire is to make sure breeding her to Sebastian wasn’t too close a breeding.

Anyway, in my conversations with Rose’s breeder, I told her about how Rose had been chewing on a couple of the sheep and how I had to put a dangle stick on her for a while when she was up here with the goats.  Well, narrow-minded ______ that she is, she blamed it on my feeding raw meat to Rose.  I should blame myself for Rose chasing livestock.

Bullshit!!!  I don’t know how many times I’ve wished I had my video camera out there when I’m milking to video take Rose playing with Sebastian, the buck.  She’s PLAYING!!!!  She’s still very much a puppy; she’s bright, energetic and agile.  She feels good.

Kibble-fed livestock guard dog puppies do chase livestock, they are being puppies!  It’s fun to play with and yes, chew on, sheep and goats.  Like all puppies, they need to be corrected for doing so.  I put Rose in over her head leaving her down with the sheep, out of my sight, at too young an age.  The cooler weather triggered the behavior.

I feel sure if Rose (or Liath) wanted to kill a sheep or goat and eat it, they could do it very easily.  If feeding raw meat to a dog made them into a killer, I feel sure my Border Collies would be pulling down sheep and goats right and left.  To Liath’s credit, when Dreadlock died, she didn’t touch the carcass and she surely could have.  That would have been a perfect opportunity for her.

Geez … all the times that Rose mauled chickens and ducks, she never ate them.  She’s stopped chasing poultry, yet just yesterday I fed her a half a raw turkey.

Sometimes people just piss me off …