Last night while watching the new television program, V (I’m not so sure I’ll be watching it again), I was watching Gel.  He was down and out, seriously down and out.  He usually doesn’t lie flat out like he was.  I might not be completely accurate in my assessment of his work and that he was blowing me off.  He’s extremely pressure sensitive and the amount of pressure from those sheep is rough.  I am not saying that he is not wrong in blowing off my commands, but I am likely putting him in positions that he is not prepared for.  Fern loves pressure and Split doesn’t really know any better right now.

I’m going to ask the owner of the farm if we could come back and use his field and sheep for training.  There’s still another man out in Morganton who has a flock of around 200 sheep that we have permission to work.  We need to follow-up on that.  Maybe this weekend we could set a date.  I have not gone elsewhere and worked other sheep as much as I should … then again, why would I need to?

Because I spent so much time early on giving wrong flank commands (I am brain dead sometimes and still give wrong flank commands) and there are some trust issues because of that, I need to take some time with Gel and work through that.  That’s going to mean splitting my flock into smaller groups and working them.  Separating them will create a lot of pressure for Gel to deal with.

This has all been a wonderful experience for us.

Until later …