It hasn’t been a very good day.  There is an issue with the farm owner’s liability insurance that couldn’t be rectified in time for us to continue with the demos.  I’m disappointed, but there isn’t anything I can do about it.

We’ll have more to do at the Christmas Tree Farm in just a few weeks and I’d like to have all of the dogs in better form for them.  The field is being mowed as I write this and as soon as it is done, I’ll move the panels and other equipment and start to practice on a daily basis.  There’s a good area for sorting sheep near by and I’m sticking firm with my decision to start to work smaller groups of sheep.  With as many sheep as we have, we can mix it up enough to have different groups (different challenges) each time.

Split is becoming easier and easier to live with.  Hopefully on Saturday we’ll be able to speak to the family that bought her and they’ll have made a decision about what they want to do with her.  I’ve proposed the barter of doing a web page for their farm in exchange for the dog.  I can’t afford to buy her outright so hopefully that will be a good deal for them as well.

I just got in from feeding Buster his bottle.  My, he’s getting big!  So far, Petunia has stayed in the garden and hopefully she’ll continue to stay in there.  I traded some cheese and yogurt for weekly pig scraps from my friend Janice.  Unfortunately, I do not have enough scraps or milk available so I have to feed her some grain and there is some odor coming from the garden.  It is not at all objectionable, but the odor is there when it wasn’t before.

Until later …