Busy, busy, busy …

The past couple of days have been a whirlwind.  It’s hard for me to even remember what we did on Friday, but we were pretty much busy all day long.  Yesterday, after we finished taking care of the animals, we went to the Farmer’s Market.  The primary goal was to speak to the family that own Split to see if they had made a decision about what they wanted to do with her.  The husband was there and he said as far as he was concerned, Split was in the best place for her.  I’ll head out to their house in the next week or so to discuss designing their web page in exchange for Split.  That was good news.

After leaving the Farmer’s Market, we headed out to look at a used freezer.  I always regret not being able to save more venison during the season, but I only have so much freezer room.  We bought the freezer: a 7.2 cubic foot GE that looks like it’s never been used.  We got a good deal on it.

The next stop was Tractor Supply.  While moving panels (again) with the ATV and Monster Cart, the wheel fell off it.  This is the second Monster Cart we’ve owned.  The axle broke on the first one.  The manager at Tractor Supply replaced it with a new one.  We expected to have to buy a new wheel, but when Wally talked to the manager, he told us he’d either give us our money back or give us a new one.  It seems wheel damage has been a problem in the cart because the wheels were different on the one in stock.  We decided to exchange the cart one more time and headed home to get the broken cart to exchange it.

When that was done, we went to visit Wally’s mother, hit the grocery store and headed home.  By then it was almost 4:00 PM.

The dogs had several runs off the ATV, but I had done no training Thursday through Saturday.  Saturday morning, I stabbed myself in the roof of my mouth with a straw.  Hard to imagine that being possible, but it is and it hurts like heck.  It’s like having a sore throat, but nothing brings it relief.  I elected not to do any training on Saturday because my throat hurt so much.

We got out early this morning to work sheep.  It is supposed to be unseasonably warm today and I didn’t want to wait until the afternoon.  I first worked Gel on shedding and it’s still hard for him to grasp the concept of breaking the flock apart.  Eventually, I’m sure he’ll get it.  Then I worked Fern on flanks and did some basic driving.  Last came Split.  Unfortunately (1) the batteries in the camera ran out before we got any videos done; and (2) while tied out, Split had been so frantic to work I didn’t have much dog left by the time she had her turn.  I may work her first next time.

In the house, she’s starting to learn to control herself, but it’s hard for her; she has a hard time settling.  She’s extremely responsive to body pressure so teaching her to wait before coming out of her crate or going in and out the door is pretty easy.  Now to figure out how to teach her to stop on command while on stock.  She’s still doing a lot of excessive flanking and when I work her next, I might work her on a smaller group to see if that stops the behavior, but I don’t think it will.  I think the excessive flanking is related to her inability to settle.  Hopefully, in time, she will settle down.

We’ll be going out to re-set the fence in about 30 minutes.  This morning, I made two apple and two pumpkin pies and have a turkey in the oven.  We are going to have an early Thanksgiving dinner; we’ll have another one Thanksgiving weekend.  I love turkey leftovers, sandwiches and soup.

Until later …