Counting my blessings

As I was lying awake this morning listening to the heavy rain, I thought to myself, I’ll be doing a lot of laundry over the next couple of days.  Then I thought: it’s a good thing I have a working washer and drier and it’s a good thing I have a roof over my head, heat, hot water, etc.

Then I got up and looked out the window and saw the garden where Petunia lives was under water!  It always floods a bit down there when we have a lot of rain, but I’ve never seen it flood that much!  I got up, let Gel out of his crate, put on my rain suit and head lamp and went out to rescue her before she drowned.  Funny, I never even thought to wake Wally up to help me, I just got Gel.

Sure enough, the water around the garden was over my ankles (thank goodness for muck boots!).  I called Petunia and opened the gate.  Thank goodness for a tame pig and a dog who can get the job done when he has to.  Not once did Petunia turn on Gel to challenge him, she followed along behind me like a well-trained sheep and Gel stayed off her where he should be.  I stopped on the way up to the poultry pasture and got her bucket of scraps from the mud room and put it in there for her.  She went right in and started to eat.

Rosemoon, a rain suit is the perfect outfit to wear when around a tame pig!

I quickly checked the goats and Rose and they all seemed fine.  As soon as it gets light, I’ll go and check the sheep, Buster and Liath.  They are up on a hill under a big tree so they should be okay, but I’ll need to check the fence.  Before I went back in the house, I checked the rain gauge:  we already have four inches and more to come!  It may be an interesting day.

Over the past few days, weeks, months, who knows how long, I’ve been depressed and angry.  I’ve had a lot of good times and days, but there have also been a lot of down days.  This is all due, of course, to not having a job.  On days like today, however, I’m very glad to be able to be home to keep an eye on things.  I’m also very (VERY) glad not to be driving on major highways when we’ve had this much rain.

Who knows what’s going to happen in the future, but I need to stop worrying about that and just focus on what is good in my life; and there’s a lot of good and really (and truly) no horrible bad.

Now, off to tell Wally he has to help me move a pig before he goes to work … tee hee!!!!

Until later …