Poor Simon!!!

I was awoken last night by a cat yowling.  At first I waited to see if it would stop thinking it was a cat fight (which would be over as quickly as it started), but it didn’t.  I got up to investigate and found Simon hanging by his tail by a venetian blind cord!  How he managed that I don’t know, but it’s a good thing it was that end and not the other.  I tried to untangle him but he was struggling so that the knot was very tight.  I called to Wally and he came to help, but that only got Simon struggling more.  I ran to the kitchen and got a pair of scissors and cut the cord and he was free.

Poor guy!

We will be getting rope cleats to attach blind cords to throughout the house.  Unfortunately, this blind is now shot because the cord will be too short, but that’s okay, I’d like to replace them with roll-up blinds as I think they block heat and cold better than blinds.

Until later …