Assessing storm damage

I went down to the back pastures to check for flooding and goodness, it is under water!  It looks like Lake Erie down there!  I haven’t seen it so flooded in many years.

Then I went over to where I have my panels set and discovered my pen had blown over and broke.  Guess we’ll be fixing that this weekend.

The garden is still extremely wet so it looks like Petunia will stay in the poultry pasture for another day or two.  She’s got it quite torn up, but I’m not too worried about it.  When she’s back in the garden, I’ll bring up some hay from one of the old hay bales down below and spread it around.  That may encourage some grass to grow in there.

I finished the turkey soup yesterday and baked some beer bread according to this recipe.  I didn’t use the dill or cheddar, but instead added a tablespoon of Sunny Paris Seasoning.  It was amazing!  I used a bottle of New Belgium Hoptober Golden Ale.  It will be fun to experiment with different types of beer and seasonings.  I didn’t have any goat cheese defrosted otherwise I would have used that in it.

Speaking of goat cheese, I made a cheese cake out of goat cheese, strawberries (frozen from the summer), pineapple and bananas.  I didn’t add any sugar.  Oh, it’s good!  When I do it again, I’ll run the goat cheese through the food processor to make it smoother.

The weather is still crappy (cold, overcast and windy) so I don’t know how much training I’ll get done today.

Fern is close to standing heat and Gel is miserable.