Dogs ARE NOT omnivores!

You’d think that someone who went through vet school would know that dogs are carnivores, not omnivores. A friend of mine lent me her copy of Your Cat. Simple new secrets to a longer, stronger life written by Elizabeth M. Hodgkins, D.V.M. Esq. All in all, it’s a good book, I particularly like that in her book, Hodgkins lets the reader know that, in general, commercial pet food sucks.

Hodgkins is practicing as a cat-only veterinarian and is an Ocicat breeder. I guess she considers that dogs are inferior creatures when compared to cats.

Dogs have more flexibility in their digestive processes than cats do. Cats are classified as obligate carnivores which means they must eat meat to survive. While a dog may be able to survive on an omnivorous diet, there is a big difference between “survive” and “thrive.”

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  1. There is a lot of confusion about a species appropriate diet for dogs. The “why” is that we have crossed the line between science and prolific industry propaganda. Since the 1950s vast sums of money have been poured into shaping public perception because the profits are enormous. Not to mention that “we the people” have a tendency towards anthropomorphism, and convenience is a driving force.

    For unbiased scientific information see the article:

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