Projects Galore!!!

We got an awful lot done this weekend.  Wally had Friday off so we had another lovely three day weekend.  The weather couldn’t have been better.

On Friday, we had a lot of errands to run and while we were in downtown Lincolnton, we decided to stop at the Habitat store.  I was thinking about looking for windows to make a cold frame, although I’m still on the fence about whether I want to use hoops to protect plants in the garden up against the house.  We were also thinking about putting windows on the milk parlor, maybe windows that could be lifted up during warm weather and shut down during rain or cold.

What we found was a huge pile of old-fashioned metal storm windows.  We got the whole pile for just a few dollars!  Wally installed three of them across the front of the hitching area (which is going to be the easiest place to install them) and they look fabulous (pictures, pictures!).

Split got hold of a duck on Friday and did some damage, but the duck is okay.  Luckily I caught her in the act and corrected her for it.  I put her up in a run for ten minutes or so, then took her back out (on a long line) and worked her on the ducks.  Every since then, she’s been vying with Fern for the title of “Bird Dog.”

Gel, poor Gel, he almost lost his mind this weekend.  Fern is in standing heat and he was miserable.  He slept in a crate in the milk parlor Friday and Saturday nights.  He was in last night and I think Fern is about through as he’s been calm.  He best get used to this because I have no plans to spay either Fern or Split any time soon.

On Saturday, we drove out to Morganton to look at some chickens.  I thought I had lined up ten White Leghorn hens via Craigslist, but at the last minute, the man changed his mind about selling them.  The man in Morganton had two brown Leghorns which was what we were going to go out to get.  What we ended up with was 14 laying hens (including the brown leghorns), several young game cross hens (which will hopefully turn into good setting hens for next year) and several roosters, some young game crosses, a Golden Comet and a Silver Laced Wyndotte.  Way more chickens than I planned on getting, but the price was great.

Saturday afternoon, we met my friend Janice and her husband for lunch, then they came back to the house.  I’ve known Janice for about six months now and she hasn’t made it out to the house yet.  We had a lovely afternoon.  Janice went home with all of the young roosters (to butcher).  Fern was extremely useful in catching them Saturday morning.  We also went up to the local Jersey dairy and got milk.  I made soft cheese out of it.  It tastes good, but it doesn’t have the nice tang that goat cheese does.  I still don’t have my cheese mold or follower, but we have the materials on hand, so soon …

Sunday was the busiest day.  We got up early and set the fence.  While Wally was mowing the area that sheep were in, I came back and made breakfast, then we headed over to stay with his mother while her husband was at church.  We took Fern with us and the whole time were there (over an hour) Wally’s mother pet Fern.  The benefit of pets visiting nursing homes and assisted living centers is phenomenal.  On our way out, we stopped in and let other residents pet Fern whom I think has missed her calling.  She’s very good during these visits.

As soon as we got back home, we started working on the chicken coop.  We took it apart and moved it down on the hill (for water drainage), then got a tin roof on it.  We both wondered if we were going to be able to get it done, but we did and it came out better than both of us expected.  Once that coop was done, we went down to take the small run out of the garden, which meant we had to let Petunia loose while we got it out of there.  Split did a wonderful job of keeping track of Petunia while we worked.  Little shit that she is, on Saturday while Petunia was eating apples Split grabbed hold of her tail and held on!  Petunia is going to get revenge one of these days.

The damned chickens refused to go up into their new coop last night so Wally and I had to run around looking for them to put them up.  I’m going to leave them up until around 10 this morning and feed them in there with the hope that tonight they’ll go up.  We may not be able to keep the Silver Laced Wyndotte.  The resident rooster, Big Red, may not allow it.  I think there is more than enough hens and room for two roosters, but Big Red doesn’t agree.  That’s okay, Janice will be happy to take the Wyndotte.

There was still a lot of projects that we wanted to get done this weekend, but there isn’t enough hours in the day, at least not enough hours to get things done and rest some.  Last night we put some lamb chops on the grill and they were wonderful!

Until later …

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