Who belongs on the shelf?

Not Gel (or Fern or Split), but me!

I’ve watched the first few chapters of Training Secrets of a Hill Shepherd and then went out with all three dogs to train.   At first, I was able to pull out just four sheep from the ElectroNet and used them for a little while, but they were constantly bolting back to the rest of the flock and I wasn’t getting anything accomplished, so I brought out the whole flock and used them for the session.

What a difference from yesterday, even with Fern and Split.  It was a brilliant training session.  I got some really nice driving out of Gel.  Yea!

Derek Scrimgeour said something that really hit home, “these Collies will do anything to get to sheep” and he’s right for many of them, but not for Gel.  He works sheep because I ask him to.  He’d be just as happy chasing a ball or a stick.  I’m pretty darned lucky he does all he does for me.

I’m so stupid sometimes.