Okay, those sheep are now on lockdown in the morning. It was pouring when I went out to put them up and head to work. I expected they’d be in the woods, but nope, they had gone on a walk about again. Once again I sent Gel for them, but this time, I couldn’t use the ATV to help. So Fern and I headed out after Gel in search of. On the way, Fern was running and jumping in the puddles. It is so nice to see puddles! I was glad I made the decision to put on my Frog Toggs rain suit and before we get another rain storm I am going to buy a pair of mid-calf height Muckboots. Everything but my feet stayed completely dry.

We found the sheep and brought them back towards my house and since I had brought my whistle with me, we did some work on the way back. He’s reliably stopping on whistles, but is still not so great on flanks. He’ll get there.

The sheep don’t leave the property when it’s dark, but when it gets light, they head off in search of greener pastures. I can’t blame them.

While up at my neighbor’s house, Fern was trying her hand at herding Guinea Fowl. She’s definitely turned on to moving stock. Can I tell you how much I love that puppy? She is so much fun to work with and very little time goes by when I’m with her that she doesn’t make me laugh.