Therapy Dogs

Today, we brought both Fern and Split to visit Wally’s mother.  They were a major hit!  Both dogs were very, very good.  I was particularly impressed by Split because we were afraid she was going to be too bouncy.  She just goes with the flow; it’s as if she knew she needed to be calm in that environment.  What a nice little dog she is.

While we were setting the fence this afternoon, the sheep kept trying to head off to parts unknown.  Maybe they heard about the apple fest the goats were enjoying and wanted to check that out.  I had to send Fern several times to bring them back.  One time she came back with an added bonus: the billy goat!  I then had to split him off and bring him back up the hill and point him towards home and his own harem.

Wally and I fixed the pen which had fallen down during the last storm.  It’s now sturdy and tight.  It won’t be falling down any time soon.  We replaced the hinges on the gate so it swings easily.  Yea!  The only thing left to do is to fix one set of panels and I’ll have a full course.  Once I’m through doing demos for the Christmas Tree Farm, I’ll cart everything down to the lower field which is a flat 20 acres.  I’m looking forward to that.

Today, we put bells on all of the goats.  It’s the first day of rifle season and I don’t want to risk their being mistaken for a deer.  Several of them look like deer.  We just got back to picking up Petunia and also got a bucketful of deer hearts.

Yesterday while I was out doing errands, Gel broke out of his crate.  I didn’t think it was possible for a dog to break out of a metal crate, but he did.  There was blood all over the floor from where he was pawing at the crate.  I was quite concerned about this for fear that I was going to have to deal with separation anxiety, something I wouldn’t have expected from Gel.  Today, we put snaps on the top of the crate so it couldn’t be pulled in (it is one of those suitcase-style crates where you fold the front and back of the crate, then sandwich up the sides) and I was worried when we left him to go and visit Wally’s mother.  When we came home, I was very pleased to see that he was in lying down in his crate.  I can’t help thinking there was something going on outside that he felt like he had to check on.  It wasn’t the girls because yesterday, he was outside when I got home; the girls were in their crates inside.  Fern is out of heat and I don’t think Split is due again until January.  Odd.

The rain that was forecast for Sunday has been pushed off to Sunday evening into Monday so hopefully we’ll be able to get some videos of Split.  I’m pleased with her improvement.  She’s coming along nicely, as is Fern.  Gel is, well, Gel.  He’s a great dog, has saved my life many times and I’m sure he’s going to save it many more times.  He may not ever be a trial superstar, but he’s a good dog, a very good dog.

Until later …