Oh, we’ll be doing another pig for sure!

I’m frying up two pounds of Petunia sausage to make sauce for goat cheese Lasagna.  The meat is beautiful.  It is a wonderful feeling knowing exactly where the meat came from, how the animal was cared for and what she ate.  It was worth the little bit of hassle of keeping her.  Next year, we’ll be better prepared.

I canceled out on going to the goat dairy today.  The weather is going to be bad and goats won’t play in the rain so it would be difficult to show her what a trained dog can do.  We’ll reschedule for another weekend in December.

We just got in from working all three dogs.  Wally hasn’t seen Split work in two weeks now.  He was blown away.  He couldn’t believe the progress she’s making.  We went out with the video camera, but it was low on battery and he couldn’t get any video.  The battery is on the charger and if the weather holds out, we’ll go back out this afternoon.

As soon as the sauce is to the point where I can leave it, I’ll go out and help Wally finish getting the windows on the hitching area of the milk parlor.  The rain is well on its way so I may not get another session in with the dogs, but we need to get the windows finished.

Until later …