It’s a sad, stressful world we live in.

Yet another Monday.  This unemployment thing is getting old, old, old.  With unemployment up over ten percent here in NC, I can’t see myself finding a new job any time soon.  Thank goodness for unemployment insurance.  I feel bad for those people who qualified for the new extensions:  the folks at the Employment Securities Commission in North Carolina can’t get their end up to speed and those people are going to have to wait six to eight weeks for payment!  I’ll bet their mortgage companies, landlords and others are most willing to wait to be paid until ESC catches up with the extensions.  It’s just adding insult to injury.  They are talking about how stressed people are these days due to unemployment, yet some glitch in the system is putting stressed people in an even more stressful position.  And the damned holiday commercials just keep on coming … Can’t we just skip the holiday commercialism this year?

It’s a sad, stressful world we live in.

It’s going to be cold and rainy most of the day today.  Yuck.  After today though, it is going to clear off and be nice for the rest of the week which is great.  Because of Thanksgiving, Wally has a four day weekend which is really great.  We were going to invite his sister and brother to our house for a Thanksgiving dinner, but given that I’ll be doing demos starting on Friday, we decided to postpone the invite.  On Sunday, we are going to go to Boone to meet with some of Wally’s relatives and it looks like I’ll have to drive separately so I can leave earlier to get back for demos.  Weekends are going to be busy for the next three or four weeks.

Yesterday afternoon, we got two more windows into the hitching area.  It looks great!  We used unfinished lumber so I need to wait for it to dry out a bit before I can paint it.  We might be able to finish the entire project over the weekend.  The next thing that’s slated to be done is the dog runs.  We decided to merge the two 10 x 10 runs and put a tin roof over them in a manner similar to how we fixed the chicken house.  This will provide shade, rain protection and prevent climbing out or in.  Once the cover is on, we’ll divide the two runs into four so the dogs will have 10 x 5 runs.  Given how little time they actually spend in these runs, I feel like that is more than enough room for them.  In addition, we’ll cover the bottom of Gel’s run with cattle panel so that he cannot dig out.  We were using tarps and shade cloth to cover the runs, but the tarps tear after a season or so.  The tin should hold up longer.

The goat cheese Lasagna using Petunia sausage was amazingly good.  It was very, very rich.  I used a lot of goat cheese.  The sausage had a wonderful flavor.  Thank you Petunia.

Until later …