Time to stop being a whimp!!!

Got out and worked all three dogs twice.  Not sure who’s brain is more fried, mine or the dogs.  I have found that the shedding practice, for some reason, is improving Gel’s driving.  Maybe it’s just a fluke.

Split is going to learn her flanks quicker than Fern.  She was flanking excessively while working the whole flock so Gel and I sorted off a group of four lambs and one of my dog-broke Dorpers and I used that group with Split and that corrected the problem.  I hate drilling flanks, but it seems like I’m going to have to do that with Fern.

I was glad that I despite the awful weather, I bundled up and got out to work the dogs as I feel so much better now.  The fresh air does wonders.  Three tired Border Collies is even better.

Until later …