What’s wrong with Border Collies today?

A post was recently started on the Border Collie Boards wherein the poster stated that lately she’s seen a tremendous increase in the “crazy” Border Collie posts on the Board and wondered why. Many people view Border Collies as being “hyper” and neurotic behavior in the breed is often considered the norm, even amongst people who breed them.

The replies to the post were interesting, to say the least. The people who only breed from working lines blamed it on the people breeding for sports or conformation. Some people blamed it on improper rearing (which I agree with, to an extent). Border Collies do thrive on structure and consistency, something a lot of people (myself included) have trouble with.

What I found particularly interesting was the poster who offered a fair number of the answers is a so-called “natural rearer” of Border Collies and not once did she present over-vaccination as a potential cause of crazy, obsessive or neurotic behavior. I guess she isn’t wearing her “NR” hat for this discussion. I am certainly not going to mention it, I don’t post on that Board anymore, I really shouldn’t even read it.

I try not to blame all behavior issues on over-vaccination (I really do!); but many behavior issues are a result of over-vaccination, coupled with poor breeding practices, poor rearing and of course feeding crap kibble. One of the working-line breeders stated one of the reasons was due to feeding a lot of high energy food, and I would assume that would include feeding a raw diet. On some lists, I have seen excessive energy (or hyper behavior) blamed on feeding too much protein. Sure, feed a bunch of corn to your dog to tone it down, works every time.

Yesterday on a different list I saw a link to an interesting article on Vaccine Induced Demyelination. Adjuvants in vaccines have a biological effect upon nerves and may very well damage them in a way that influences behavior and learning patterns. In addition, did you know that the canine distemper virus (CDV) (which causes severe immunosuppression and neurological disease in dogs, associated with demyelination) is a model for multiple sclerosis in man? All very interesting and thought provoking.