Back to the drawing board

I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to do about training.  I had a plan yesterday and it went south (north, west and east).  Maybe it’s best not to have a plan.

As I write this, I’m eating homemade yogurt with fruit, including peaches that I canned this year.  Oh, it’s good.  I only have a quart of yogurt left in the refrigerator.  Time to make some more.  Better do it soon while I still have milk.

The milk may be drying up, but we have eggs coming out of our ears.  I collected a dozen yesterday.  If I give eggs to the Border Collies, they pass egg farts, which are disgusting!  So, the guard dogs are going to get eggs for breakfast this morning.  Maybe their egg farts will keep the coyotes away.

Update on Rose: she’s still on the shit list.  She’s pretty much stopped chasing the four-legged livestock and for the most part, poultry, but she barks excessively.  At least I am pretty sure it’s excessive.  The dogs that belong to the people in front of us bark a good deal.  The dogs up at Red’s bark quite a bit.  Rose hears them and has to join in.  So I am 95 percent sure she’s barking when she doesn’t need to; but I do know coyotes have been in the vicinity.  The plan is when I hear her carrying on, I’ll let her bark for a little bit, then I’ll verbally correct her for it.  She’s responsive to my verbal corrections so hopefully that will work.  The deal is, if she continues to bark as she has been when it comes time to sleep with the windows open, she will need to be rehomed.  While I like having her in with the goats as I believe she does offer some protection for both the goats and the poultry, we need to sleep.  There are times with the windows closed that she’s kept both Wally and me up.  Hopefully this is just another puppy stage we are going through.

Liath continues to do great.   She got very upset when I took the sheep away yesterday.  She doesn’t mind the sheep being worked as long as she can see them, but if they go out of her sight, she barks.  Yes, Liath barks, but it isn’t continuous like what Rose is doing.  Liath hears the same dogs barking that Rose does, but she doesn’t join in.  Liath barks when she needs to and that may just be maturity.  I think Rose likes to hear herself bark.

Tomorrow, for Thanksgiving, we’ll go to Ryan’s (a local eat-like-a-pig for $10.00 restaurant).  Given that Wally’s mother is in a wheelchair and not terribly mobile, this will be the easiest thing for all involved.  I’m not thrilled with going as I hate that restaurants and stores are open on what should be a family holiday, but I have no choice.  Now I’m trying to decide what day to cook Thanksgiving for Wally and I.  If I do it on Friday, I’ll need to go to the grocery store today which doesn’t excite me.  I suppose if I go early enough …

I guess I’ll head out to the bloody grocery store now before the crowds hit.  Yuck.

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  1. Are you suggesting I separate eggs for my dogs????? Na! I’ll just plan accordingly and feed eggs on days that the dogs won’t be in the house as much so I won’t deal with the egg farts. There is a lot of nutrition in the egg whites.

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