Venison Bonaza!

Yesterday, in between doing demos, we picked up three buckets of deer organs, including the stomachs and intestines.  I removed the intestines and disposed of them and packed up the livers, kidneys and hearts in separate containers.  Then I removed the stomach contents and packed up the linings.  It was a nasty project, but the dogs love stomach linings (also called green tripe).  Once I do a dry (or really wet) run with the pressure canner, I’ll experiment in canning venison.  If it works, it would be good to be able to can some green tripe.

Between venison, pork, goat, lamb and cheese, all three of the freezers are full.  I would be hard pressed to get anything else into any of them.

This morning, I got a call from a neighbor saying that he just killed a small buck and asked if I wanted it.  I really couldn’t say no, so we picked it up and brought it to the processor.  I cannot recall ever eating venison and I might just like it.  I think it may taste similar to grass-fed lamb.  If we don’t like it, then the dogs and cats can eat it.  With the processing, it will come out to around $2/pound which is less expensive than about any meat you can buy in the grocery store.  The deer will hang for five days before it is processed so that will give us time to clean out some of the meat in the freezer to make room.  Because it is cooler, the guard dogs are eating more and all three Border Collies are getting a lot of work these days so they are eating more as well.

The demos continue to go well, but they are exhausting.  All three dogs are working well and seem to be enjoying all the attention.

Until later …