Whoo Hoo!

Gel was taking whistled drive flanks last night! I was so thrilled! Then we practiced some shedding. Lambs separate really easy and we got two good sheds! It was fun! Gel gets pumped when we practice shedding. What other times is he allowed to dart in through stock?

I did go over to Wally’s Saturday afternoon to practice and it went well. Kessie injured herself during flyball Friday night so she wasn’t able to work. Pyro was more interested in playing with Gel and Fern than sheep. Fern, she’s a smooth operator. She floats around the stock, all business, all intent and purpose, pretty as can be. The sheep we were working will challenge a weak dog. Not one foot was stomped while Fern was working them. She even went around them when they went up against the barn. She’s got a tremendous amount of confidence while working. She may well make a nursery dog. We’ll see.

I forgot my cameras when I went over to Wally’s so no new photos.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time cleaning up outside. It was a beautiful day! I put all my agility equipment back where my “field” is set. The neighbor’s dogs have the tendency to run the fence where it abuts my property, which happens to be where my agility equipment is set and in general are a nuisance. I had three rolls of bamboo fencing so I put that up against the fence. I can still see and hear them, but they are not quite so “there” with the bamboo fence up. I may need to resort to other means to keep them away from the fence while I’m there working, but I’ll deal with that in due time.