We’ll be fencing this weekend.

I looked out this morning and saw Merlin tearing around the pasture, tail up over his back.  Rose was running with him (idiot!) and as they ran, goats were being scattered every which way.  He wasn’t trying to hurt them, he’s was just feeling fresh.  I went out and took out the goats and put them down in the now-empty agility field.  At some point today, I’m going to go down into the field and look at how much brush will need to be cleared away in order to get to the fence that’s back there.  I believe we are going to leave the barbed wire intact along that line.  The fence might be secure enough to put him down there now, but I won’t know until I check it out.  Now is the time to do fencing: the ground is soft so getting T-posts in will be easy and most of the vegetation had died off.  Once we’ve got Merlin situated in that pasture, we’ll need to build him a three-sided shelter.  That free tin is going to come in handy.

Once again, Merlin gave me trouble catching him this morning.  I caught him the same way I did yesterday.  He was covered in mud and wet so I couldn’t clean him off much so I ran the hose over his back where the saddle would sit and just road him dirty.  We got almost two inches of rain last night so there were puddles every where.  Luckily, he doesn’t hesitate to go through water, even deep water or over rough ground.  I road him for over an hour.  Yesterday, I had a lot of pain in my hips and lower back, but today, I feel pretty good.  Even though he was quite fresh early on, I didn’t loose my stirrups.  In fact, I thought I lost one of my gloves only to find it half-way through the ride under my thigh.  I was gripping so tightly that the glove stayed in place.  It’s quite warm today.  It almost feels like spring outside.

This time, both Split and Gel went with me.  It took a few corrections to stop Split from trying to work Merlin, but she soon understood.  Gel loves to run and wrestle with another dog.  Fern wouldn’t play rough with him, but Split is more than happy to do so.  The two of them ran, wrestled and growled the whole time.  They are now crashed out in their crates.

Don’t you know, I’m not milking any of the goats right now and all of a sudden, everyone is looking for goat milk.  Isn’t that always the way it goes?

Until later …