We went out to see Split’s breeder on Friday.  She worked a flock of 200+ sheep with ease.  That was the good part of the visit.  The rest wasn’t so great.  I’m not going to get into what went on.  Everything is okay with Split and eventually we’ll get her papers (for whatever good they are), but …

Today we did errands.  We came upon this incredibly cool store.  It’s an antique, what-not store with stalls rented by various individuals.  It was four buildings worth of stalls.  You could loose yourself in this store and never come out.  We almost did.

I came home and tacked up Merlin and headed out for a ride.  Wally come out on the ATV to give the sheep a new salt block, feed Liath and watch me ride.  Then we stopped and looked at the sheep for a while.  Split thought that Merlin shouldn’t be standing still and came up behind him and nipped him in the heels.  Merlin spun around in the air.  I would have stayed on if the saddle didn’t slip.  This is the first time I’ve ever fallen off a horse.  May it be the last.

To his credit, Merlin took off up to Red’s and stopped up by the barn.  We didn’t have any trouble catching him.  Good boy.  We straightened the saddle, tightened the girth and I got back on and road him.  I’m a bit banged up, but okay.

Split is going to need to learn that Merlin is not to be worked under any cirumstances.

Until later …