Playing nice

Okay, I have two choices here. I can continue to be outspoken when I see things like this post and I can reply to them, knowing darned well I’m not going to change their minds and will end up getting beat up by several members of this Board. Or, I can not say a darned word, grit my teeth and risk my teeth eventually falling out from gritting them too much.

Yea, pigs and dogs have a lot in common so if you want to feed them slop, then go for it. It’s weird how people can rationalize what they feed their dogs by calling them omnivores or saying they are genetically designed to each such and such food. Just because the Border Collie evolved on a “poor man’s diet” does not mean that’s what they were designed by nature to eat. The digestive system of a Border Collie is not any different than that of a Dashund.

It will be a cold day in Hell before I feed my dogs vegetable scraps “wilted” in bacon grease. I’m sure they’d eat it, why wouldn’t they, fat tastes good? That’s essentially what kibble is, grains coated in fat with artificial flavor added for good measure.