She huffed and puffed and blew the goat house down.

You may recall the wonderful 30-foot long, 15-foot wide covered chain link shelter that we got for very little money.  It’s held up well to high winds and rain, but Mother Nature threw something different at it last night: heavy snow and sleet.

Around 4:00 Wally and I went out to feed the animals and while we were under the shelter I noticed that snow was accumulating on the roof.  I said to Wally that I hoped the weight of the snow wouldn’t damage the tarp.  He agreed.  Because we do not have his shelter made yet (that’s Sunday’s project), we put Merlin in the upper part of the shelter and closed him in for the night.

Thirty minutes later while we were in the house I heard goat bells ringing; ringing loud enough so I knew all of the goats were running.  I looked out and saw the roof of the shelter had collapsed.  We ran out to access the damage and to get Merlin out.

The goats were fine.  Merlin was very scared, but okay.  It took us a few minutes to catch him, but he settled as soon as I got my hands on him.  He’s starting to trust me.

There wasn’t anything else we could do but to put Merlin back down in his pasture and put the goats back up.  They could still get under the shelter and be out of the weather.  Merlin can get shelter under the hedgerow that borders his pasture.

As soon as it gets light, Wally and I will be heading out to check on everyone.  The sheep are in a well-sheltered location, but I don’t know how the fence will hold up to the heavy snow and ice.

Welcome winter!

Until later …