It took us most of the day, but we got the mess cleaned up (was it ever a mess!) and the shelter back up.  It’s smaller, 15 feet square, but I don’t think the weight of the snow is going to take it down again.  I guess we should have known better to begin with, but it’s quite unusual to get four inches of wet snow in this part of the country.  We were able to piece together enough of the old tarp to put over the top and around the sides of the panels.  We will have to get tarp for the top (it looks like crap), but for now, the goats have shelter.

We are both beat.

The sheep, Liath and Buster weathered the storm fine.  We brought them out a bale of hay this morning and again this afternoon.  I used the ATV to bring the hay out this afternoon and boy, four-wheel-drive would have been a good thing.  I slipped and slid the whole way.

They are saying we are going to have a hard winter.  I hope they are not right, but if so, we’ll make do.

Until later …