A day of rest.

Cleaning up the mess that occurred when the goat shelter went down and then putting it back together again exhausted both of us.  We spent the morning doing a few errands, including picking up some half-price Christmas ornaments and visiting Wally’s mother.  I’m toying with going for a ride on Merlin, but it’s pretty muddy and slippery so I may just stay in.

When we got home, I kicked the goats out the front, closed the gates and let Merlin out to graze where ever he can find grass.  Split is in the fenced-in area with Rose and Gel is out keeping an eye on Merlin.  Wally is camped out on his road-kill recliner watching a game.  You may wonder what a road-kill recliner is: it is a recliner that we found on the curb one day.  It sits perfectly fine, is clean and doesn’t smell.  Why anyone would just throw it out is beyond me.

While we were out, I bought the ingredients to make both chicken Parmesan and a roasted chicken with stuffing.  I planned on making both meals today, putting the chicken Parmesan in the refrigerator for an early meal and having the roasted chicken for supper tonight.  I’m going to have a busy week ahead so a prepared meal or two would be a good thing.  I plan to start up the banana bread factory Tuesday so I can give some of them away as gifts.  We bought some pretty Christmas containers that I’ll fill with goat cheese for gifts for those who like goat cheese.  We are having a get-together at the Nursing Home for Wally’s mother Christmas Eve and I’m making potato salad for that.  I have to go up to get Fern (the goat) tomorrow and I also have a lesson up the street with Merlin.

We toyed with starting to put together Merlin’s shelter today, but I think we’ll just stay in and take it easy.  Wally will be off four days next week.  Plenty of time to get that done and hopefully finish installing the windows in my milking parlor.  I’ll be milking again before I know it.

Off to start cooking.

Until later …